Hi, I'm Charles.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Native Android Developer.
  • Native iOS Developer.
  • Full Stack Web-Developer.
  • Instructor.
  • Mentor.
  • Playstation Fanboy.

I am a software engineer and have been developing for about ten years. My focuses include native mobile application development for both the Android and iOS platforms. But, i've been known to wear many hats and dabble in a myriad of different fields; most recently front and back end web development. I am drawn to ­most things re­lated to tech­nol­ogy so most of my free time is spent fig­ur­ing out how things work. I re­verse en­gi­neer, tinker and learn new frame­works. My non-professional interests include movies, video games and football (soccer).


My main passion is native mobile development for Android and iOS, but I occassionally tamper with cross platform alternatives.

Technologies used

Java, Kotlin, Swift, JavaScript, Flutter


I prefer classic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I alternate between Bootstrap & Tailwind, with Angular being the JS framework of choice.

Technologies used

Angular, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Node, Firebase, Typescript, Netlify



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A Kotlin Cryptocurrency Tracker App (to some degree).

So…A few weeks ago I read this nifty article by Indrek Lasn. He created a very basic cryptocurrency tracker using React Native.

Read More Feb 28, 2018
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ANDROID x RETROFIT— for ‘beginners’.

By the end of the article you would have created a functioning application which uses Retrofit — “A type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java” to create requests to, and handle responses from a REST API.

Read More Oct 3rd, 2018
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Having fun with Today Widget Extensions Part One

So, you’re probably wondering “what exactly is a Today Widget?” Short answer: An app extension in the Today View which gives users quick access to information. Not sure what that means?

Read More Oct 15, 2018